Fiverr Pro overview

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Whether you’ve just kicked off your business or you’re scaling up, you can streamline all your Fiverr projects, teamwork, and finances into one productive workspace. Learn how to best manage your activity, use the shared payment method, save your favorite freelancers, and get the best out of Fiverr Pro for your business. 


How much does it cost to join Fiverr Pro?

There is no fee to join Fiverr Pro. 

Manage your activity

Get all your freelance requirements neatly organized in one workspace, and manage your projects efficiently.

Use one payment method

Place orders and set up your budget using multiple payment methods shared between all account members.

Save your favorite freelancers

Keep the freelancers you LOVE working within one list that you and your team can easily access and share.


What’s in it for your business?


Save and share your favorite freelancers

Forget about updating complex spreadsheets, and keep your favorite freelancers using one concise list for your and your team's easy access.


Track all your freelance activity

View all your active and completed orders at a glance and efficiently manage your projects, timelines, and teamwork. 

Single shared payment 

Are you in charge of business expenses? Add a payment method to place orders quickly.
Not you? Request your manager to add it for you. 

Work with your team—transparently 

No more long email threads and scattered files, simply view what your team has been doing, consolidate feedback, and bring ideas to life. 


A new way to do business on Fiverr

No matter your type of business, growing it with Fiverr just got easier. Discover how to get all your freelance work organized in one central place with enhanced capabilities, at no additional cost.

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