Glossary of terms

As you may have already noticed, at Fiverr we use our own kind of terminology. Use this glossary to learn our "Fiverr language," to easily navigate Fiverr Pro.


The manager of the Fiverr Pro account. The administrator may assign members another role, set policies and purchasing limitations for account members, set up payment methods, and access/download invoices. There can only be one admin per Pro account. Learn more about admins: member account management.

Billing manager
Billing managers manage the finances of the Pro account along with the admin. They can set up payment methods, change billing information, and access/download invoices. There can be as many billing managers as needed per Pro account. Learn more about account members.

Collaboration tools
Do you have an in-progress order and would like your team’s input? Use Fiverr Pro’s collaboration tools, to share the order internally with other account members, and make comments that only they’ll be able to see. Learn more about team collaboration.

Fiverr Pro dashboard
This area shows all your activity, recent freelancer, active orders, and projects in one space. 

Freelance network
The freelance network is the new home for your
go-to freelancers or agencies. You can quickly re-hire from your account’s trusted network, as you can see other members’ reviews of past hires and save potential candidates in lists.

Invitation approval policy
The admin of the Fiverr Pro account can set up a policy where invites sent by either the billing managers or members must be approved by the admin first.

Lists are an integral part of your account's freelance network you can create with other account members. Use them to save your favorite freelancers and services. These lists can also be shared with other account members. 

A registered user who is part of a Fiverr Pro account and who can order services.

For freelancers, this is a useful tool when working on larger, more complex projects. Milestones help ensure you receive payment for the tasks you completed during the project, establishing trust in your services, and working in steps to ensure satisfaction. Milestones can be used when sending custom offers. Learn more about working with milestones.

For freelancers, this option enables clients to order multiple quantities of the same service. For example, if you offer a basic logo design for $10, a client who needs two different logos can order this service twice (for $20).

Mutual cancellation
A mutual cancellation is a request to cancel an order and can be initiated by both clients and freelancers during the order process. For the order to be canceled, it must be accepted by both parties. Mutual cancellations will automatically cancel an order after two days if the receiving party doesn't reply to the request. Both clients and freelancers will see a cancellation request update on the progress bar with how many days are left before the order is canceled, and have the option to decline or withdraw the cancellation request to return it to the previous order status. Mutual cancellations cannot be requested after an order is complete. Learn more about cancellations.

When a service is purchased, an order page is created between the client and the freelancer

Project management service

This is an exclusive Fiverr Pro service where clients who need assistance with managing a project from A to Z can get a project manager assigned to them, who will help execute the project while balancing the cost with the quality of the services provided. Learn more about our project management service.


The projects tool allows you to create different types of projects tailored to your professional needs as well as the option to add other members to your projects for team collaboration and order management. Learn more about the The projects tool.

Pro freelancer
Verified Pro freelancers are hand-picked by Fiverr Pro’s dedicated team for their best-in-class skills and expertise. Pro freelancers are easily identifiable by their exclusive ‘Pro’ badge on their profile.

Purchase policy
Admins can set up a policy to manage the approval of purchases above a set amount placed by the account member. Learn more about settings, payments, and billing.

Resolution center
The resolution center is a tool created to assist you in resolving issues with orders. We recommend using the resolution center to work things out with the other party before contacting Customer Support. Learn more about using the resolution center as a client.

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