Suspended accounts

A Fiverr account can be suspended for various reasons. We aim to keep our marketplace a safe and enjoyable place for all of our clients. This article reviews the most common causes for an account to be reviewed and suspended. Find additional details in our Community Standards and Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Two different types of suspended accounts 


The account is temporarily restricted.
The client, either client or freelancer, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other clients through inbox messages. Freelancer's Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and clients will not be able to place new orders. Once an account is temporarily suspended, the client needs to wait for the trial period (which can take upwards of 90 days) to be completed—to know if the account will be restored or permanently suspended. 

Customer Support can neither influence the result of this review nor can they update the client on the review's end date. 


Permanently Suspended

The account was suspended and will not be restored.
When this happens, the client cannot log into the account at all, and the reason it was suspended was due to a serious violation of our Terms of Service. Freelancers with funds available for withdrawal will need to wait 90 days to withdraw, as described in our Terms of Service.


Freelancers will then receive an automatic email that allows them 7 days to withdraw the funds.
Clients can receive an immediate refund of any funds available on their Fiverr Balance.  


Excessive Warnings

Type of action: Restriction

There are certain situations where the Fiverr Team will only issue an account warning instead of suspending an account. When an account is warned, it will not affect the client's ability to continue using Fiverr. However, when multiple warnings are issued, the account may eventually be suspended due to excessive warnings.  


How our warning system works:

If it’s your 1st warning: You will be reminded of Fiverr’s Terms of Service—repeat violations may result in account restriction.
A 2nd warning of the same type: Account restriction.
A 2nd warning of a different type for leveled freelancers: Account restriction.
3 warnings of any type: Account restricted. 

After an account is restricted due to 2 warnings of the same type, or 3 warnings for different offenses, there will be a trial period during which the user still has access to their active orders, including communication with the other party and access to withdrawals if the freelancer has funds already cleared or that are upcoming.  


On Fiverr, we wish for all clients and freelancers to succeed, so we educate clients on our policies using our warning system.  However, if a client repeats the same kind of offense multiple times, we will remove their account from the marketplace.  

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