Staying safe on the platform

Fiverr places the utmost importance on security within the platform, and protecting its clients. We are constantly working on enhancing security, trust, and quality on the site. By providing clients with a few useful tips on how to safely conduct business, we can successfully maintain a safe marketplace and environment. We encourage all clients to be active participants in our exciting, and ever-growing, online community, and this includes keeping Fiverr safe, together! If you encounter any security or safety-related issues on the site, you are encouraged to share them with us by reaching out to our awesome Customer Support team.

When using Fiverr, you can be sure that your information is safe, however, it is always important to be alert and to keep an eye out for suspicious emails or links. Scams and phishing schemes can catch even the most experienced online clients and freelancers. Below, are a few tips that you can utilize to ensure that your account is safe, secure, and protected from vulnerabilities. 

Keep your account safe

Having a unique and complex password on is a key preventive measure in securing your personal account. It should be eight characters or more and include both upper and lowercase letters, and at least one number. We strongly recommend that you do the same for all of your online accounts. Keep your password to yourself. Don’t share it with others, and do not use the same password on multiple websites. If you suspect that your password may have been compromised, change it as soon as possible (you may do so by clicking here). We also recommend that you frequently change your password. Dedicating some time to creating a strong and complex password, will go a long way in keeping your account and personal information safe and secure. If you logged into your Fiverr account from a public device (library, coffee shop, etc.), it is highly recommended that you log out of your account (not only by closing the browser).

For additional information on how to keep your account safe, read more about phishing.

Keep your funds safe and secure

When ordering from a freelancer, make sure it’s done through Fiverr. Contacting clients or freelancers and paying or receiving payment for services outside of Fiverr is against our Terms of Service
“Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through”.
This policy aims to ensure that all of your transactions are done securely through Fiverr’s advanced platform and that your money and information are protected.
While payments done through Fiverr are completely safe and secure, any payments outside of Fiverr are not guaranteed. Not only that, but if any issues arise with your payment, we won’t be able to assist you. Remember that asking for direct payments is an easy way for scam artists to steal your money or information.
As a freelancer on Fiverr, you may choose to withdraw your earnings at your convenience. When you link a withdrawal method to your Fiverr account (whether it’s your PayPal account or via Payoneer), it is highly recommended that you keep your withdrawal account details safe. Remember, your earnings are yours, and you don’t want to help scammers gain access to your funds. Always keep your credentials secure.

Order completion

Only mark orders as “completed” once they’re actually finished. It’s a simple rule to protect clients. Freelancers should not request that clients mark an order as completed if the job was not finished or if the service was not provided. If you have issues with your order, and you were unable to resolve it with the freelancer, we strongly recommend that you use our Resolution Center. To ensure that you receive what you requested from the freelancer, Fiverr has a grace period of thirteen days after an order has been marked as completed. During that time frame, the order may be canceled. After thirteen days, the freelancer is able to withdraw their earnings from that order, and we will no longer be able to cancel it.
Note: An order can be marked as completed by the client up to 3 days from the delivery time, after which the status will be changed automatically to completed. 


Review the freelancer prior to placing an order

Our advanced rating system provides clients with more information and options before purchasing a service. Client reviews help you find out about the quality of the freelancer and the service they provide. You can even check the freelancer’s average response time, when their last delivery was, and how long it takes them to deliver orders. Also, clients should make sure that they read the Gig description and FAQs sections carefully and ask whatever questions they might have prior to placing an order. Carefully reading a Gig's description can save you plenty of time, and helps ensure that you choose the right service for your needs.
We go to great lengths to ensure that ordering on Fiverr is fun and easy. We want to make sure, that when you use our marketplace, you feel certain that your personal information and your money are secure.
For more tips on online safety, listen to the FiverrCast episode 25, “Protecting Your Online Business”.


Follow these safety tips, and recognize the graphics, that aim to keep your personal information safe, and your Fiverr account secure:

Keep your money safe
Make sure to always pay freelancers through Fiverr. Payment outside of Fiverr cannot be guaranteed and we will not be able to assist you if problems occur.

Keep your details safe


Make sure that you only insert your login details on the homepage. While a site may be set up to look like Fiverr, it may be a phishing site that can steal your login details.


Mark orders as completed


Only mark an order as completed once it is finished. To ensure that you are not defrauded, Fiverr has a grace period of thirteen days after an order is marked as completed to allow for cancellations.


Check the freelancer before you order


Read reviews and ratings to learn about freelancers. Star ratings help you to know the quality of the freelancer and the service that they are providing.

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