How to change your display name


Your display name on your public freelancer profile can help you make better connections with customers.
Let's review everything you need to know about how to update and change your display name.


How it works

Your display name is your name or a representative name that will be displayed to customers and your interactions with them—like on your Gig page, inbox messages, your freelancer profile, and more.

The username that you initially picked when you first created your account will remain your username for logging in.

To edit your display name:

  1. Log in > Switch to selling.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture > Profile > click on the pencil icon next to your display name.
  3. Edit your display name > Save Changes.
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Let’s review the requirements, do’s and don’ts, and special cases for creating your display name.

As a general guideline, we highly recommend that you create your display name based on your first name and the first letter of your last name.

For example: If your name is "Daniel Zee" and you're known as "Danny", your display name can be "Daniel Z" or "Danny Z".



  • Must use your real name
  • Between 3-15 characters long
  • Only English letters, numbers, and spaces are allowed
    • No special characters except for ‘.’

      For example:

      • Danny Z.
      • Dee 4 Designs
      • Zee’s Designs
      • ‘Z’ Designs

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. The name of your service (e.g SEO, graphic, design)
  2. Professions (e.g. Designer, Developer)
  3. Adjectives (e.g. expert, best)
  4. Pro, level 1, level 2, top rated, Fiverr
  • Refrain from creating a display name that is far from your identity
    Please don’t invent a name that is irrelevant, or unrelated/dissimilar to your real name.
    Note: Nicknames or pen names are okay if you’d like to keep your anonymity.

  • Don’t use another person’s name
    Learn more with Special cases.

Special cases

1. Agency

You can choose either the name of your agency/business or the name of the person that is responsible for communication.

For example: “Rocket designs” or “Sam D.”


2. Long agency/business names

If your name exceeds the 15-character limit, use abbreviations that are aligned with your main brand name.

For example: “Rocket and beyond designs” can be “Rocket designs”


3. Long names

We recommend that you use an abbreviation, a representative nickname, or an initial for your last name.

For example:

  • “Shashikant” can be “Shashi”
  • “Christopher Blinko” can be “Christopher B”, Christopher”, “Chris B.”, or “Chris”


4. Multiple first, middle, and/or last names

Try to pick one name for your first and one letter (initial) for your last name.

For example: “Shirley Ann Jackson” can be “Shirley J.” or “Shirley Ann J.”



  1. Can I use just my first name?
    You can use your first name only; however, we recommend that you use your first name and the first letter of your last name. This will help you stand out, look more personable, and make it easier for customers to find you.

  2. Do I have to use my first name?
    Not necessarily, but it’s highly recommended.
    If you're not interested in using your first name, you can choose another representative name that fits you and can help create better connections when interacting with customers.

  3. Where will my display name be presented?
    It will be visible to customers and your interactions with your customers (e.g., Inbox, Gig pages, etc.)

  4. Will customers have to search for my display name in order to find me?
    Currently, customers will be able to search and find you via your username.

  5. What is the difference between my display name and username?
    Your display name and username are separate and serve distinct purposes for your account.

  6. The display name is your identifier that shows up for customers (and doesn’t need to be unique).
    The username is a separate account identifier, which is unique for each user.

  7. Can another freelancer have the same display name as mine?
    Yes, since your display name isn’t a unique identifier, it’s possible to have the same one as another freelancer.
Keep in mind that the display name field is mandatory,
and all freelancers in the marketplace are required to update it.

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