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Working with a professional business manager can help make the process smooth and seamless for all participants, which is why our project management service for Fiverr Pro clients is the perfect addition to your workflow.


What is Fiverr Pro project management service? 

The project management service is a new service for Fiverr Pro clients only. It allows all types of clients—from solopreneurs to large companies and brands—to execute projects with the help of a dedicated business partner that they get matched with.

Business partners are project managers, certified by Fiverr who have years of experience in project management and delivery and are experts in their fields.

Each clients' business partners will help them execute their project by:

  • Building a dream team of freelancers
  • Communicating with freelancers throughout the process
  • Managing the project from the start until the final delivery


What are the benefits of working with a business partner?

All our business partners are experts in their fields and are here to help you execute high-level projects. Rest assured that the business partner you get paired with understands your professional world, knows and speaks the field’s lingo, and is easy to work with.

Here are the main benefits you can look forward to: 

  • Time-saving solution
    The partner serves as a single point of contact for both you and your client. This allows you more time to focus solely on your work and perfect your professional skills, while your partner takes care of the clients and project management.

  • Availability
    Our business partners manage projects for a living. They will be available throughout the process to answer your questions, help provide you with what you need to complete the projects successfully and give you a great service experience.

  • New opportunities and connections
    The project management service can help increase your income stability with networked access to new and challenging opportunities. With a more complex project, you and your business can look forward to professional growth and fulfillment, and more connections and possibilities for recurring work, instead of a one-time-only project.

  • Future business
    Since clients typically reach out to the same freelancers time and time again, a successful business partner will help manage and lead to more business opportunities in the future. The project management service can also help you gain a lasting reputation on Fiverr—which can directly and positively impact your business.


How it works

A project led by a partner is similar to any other project executed on Fiverr Pro. The only difference is that the main point of contact for the project is the business partner. Also, these types of projects will typically involve multiple freelancers working simultaneously as a team.

Clients can view all communication between you and their business partner and reply if necessary, however, the goal is that the project will be led by the partner, instead of the clients themselves.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Interested clients reach out to Fiverr Pro's project management team about their project.

  2. The business partner meets with the client to understand their project's scope and exact needs/requirements.

  3. The business partner builds a team of freelancers that seem like a great fit for the project and can successfully execute the project.

  4. If you’re a suitable candidate, the business partner will reach out to you from their personal account to check your availability, share the client’s brief, and ask you for a quote.

  5. Once the client approves you as a freelancer, the partner will reach out to you again via the client’s account, and ask you to send a custom offer in an inbox message.

  6. Once the custom offer is approved, the business partner will be there to check in and follow up with you about all the details of the project until the final delivery.
Note: Working as a business partner does not limit your other work as a freelancer in any way.



  1. Can I reach out to a partner to offer my services?
    Unfortunately, you can’t contact a partner first. Once a partner receives a project request from the client, they will reach out to you with the project brief if they think you’re a suitable fit.

  2. Can I reach out directly to the client?
    Our service is designed in a way that allows the partner to be the single point of contact for both the client and you, the freelancer. This benefits both parties and allows a more productive workflow.

  3.  Will I have to pay the partner a fee?
    Not at all, the partner’s fee will be paid in full by the client. 

  4.  Who will write my review?
    Since the partner is your point of contact for the project, they will be the one to leave you a review after you deliver your final delivery. 

  5.  Will I be working on a project with other freelancers? If so, how am I expected to communicate with them?
    Most of our partner projects require the work of multiple freelancers, but there is no need to contact or report to any other freelancers. Your partner will be the one fully responsible for the communication and coordination between the freelancers, so feel free to reach out to them if you need anything.

  6. When will I be paid?
    Business partner orders are just like any other order placed on Fiverr Pro. Once the client approves your custom offer, their charged funds will be held on the platform until the client approves your final delivery. Learn more about Withdrawing your earnings.

  7.  Can I offer one of my packages or does it have to be a custom offer?
    If one of your packages fits the exact needs of your client, you can feel free to ask your partner to order it. If not, send your partner a custom offer that fits the project’s details, requirements, and specifications based on the client’s brief.  

  8.  Do I need to send the custom offer to the partner or the client?
    The business partner will initially contact you through their personal account, and then ask you for a custom offer via their Fiverr Pro client’s account in an inbox message. Send the custom offer as a reply to the inbox message.

  9.  Who will critique my work (and revisions), the partner or the client?
    The client is the only one who can approve your final delivery and provide feedback on revisions, if necessary. However, the partner is in charge of making sure all deliveries meet the original scope of work and communication between yourself and the client.

    With that said, feel free to take advantage of your partner's experience and enjoy the benefit of working with an expert to share creative thoughts, questions, and concerns.

  10. Can I ask the client to fill out a brief that I created?
    Our partners worked hard to create an ideal brief for every field in our service. If you feel you are still missing some information in the client’s brief, please feel free to reach out to your business partner with additional questions.

  11.  Will I be dependent on the work done by other freelancers?
    It all depends on the freelance services you offer and the specific requirements of the project. Your business partner will manage the entire process and be responsible for making sure that you have everything you need to complete your part of the project—including communication between freelancers. They will also keep you updated if any changes occur.

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