Freelancer and agency FAQs

Fiverr Pro is a tailor-made freelance solution for larger accounts and businesses by providing a  more convenient and befitting experience. This is alongside enhanced collaboration and management solutions to enable businesses to work with freelancers more efficiently. Learn everything you need to know about Fiverr Pro in this article. 



1. What are the benefits of being a part of the Fiverr Pro catalog?
As an eligible Fiverr Pro freelancer, you'll be prioritized on listing pages over non-eligible services. This increases the chances of you working with higher-end businesses—with ongoing needs and larger budgets. As clients can save their favorite freelancers and share them with collaborators, you may have additional business opportunities. What's more, you can communicate with your Fiverr Pro clients via a Video call.

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2. Will my reputation remain the same on Fiverr Pro?

3. Which categories will be included in the Business catalog?
Since the catalog is constantly changing, the categories included in the business catalog can't be guaranteed. Fiverr reserves the right to add and/or remove categories from the business catalog.

4. Will Fiverr Pro be separate from the listing/Will it have a designated area in the marketplace?
The Fiverr Pro area will only be visible to businesses that have joined the Fiverr Pro solution.

5. Which freelancers can be a part of Fiverr Pro?
Important: Fiverr Pro freelancers are regularly evaluated to ensure that these terms are met.

  • Freelancers who offer their services on Fiverr Pro are the same freelancers shown in the Fiverr catalog and are NOT the same as freelancers using a business account. They are either independent freelancers or larger studios/agencies that are suitable for working with businesses.
  • Fiverr Pro freelancers are highly professional and knowledgeable in their fields. Educational background, work experience, and notable business partners are advantageous attributes.
  • Fiverr Pro freelancers go out of their way to give their best experiences in terms of communication and high-quality service.
  • They are expected to deliver their best work and exceed the client’s expectations.

6. Is the work process on Fiverr Pro the same as on Fiverr?
While you will experience Fiverr the same way you usually do, know that in some cases you may be dealing with more than one person on the client side. These clients may be more sophisticated and with more complex briefs.

7. What is the difference between a Fiverr Pro freelancer and a Fiverr Pro client?
Fiverr Pro freelancer is a vetted tier of professional freelancers.
Fiverr Pro client is part of a solution dedicated to accounts for larger organizations, working with freelancers.

8. How will I know if my services are prioritized in the Fiverr Pro catalog?
Fiverr Pro freelancers receive an email notification once a business order is made. Keep in mind that Fiverr Pro freelancers are regularly evaluated to ensure that high-quality professionalism is maintained.
Fiverr reserves the right to remove freelancers and services from the Fiverr Pro catalog.

9. How will I know if I have received an order from a Fiverr Pro client?
As soon as a client places the order, the freelancer will see a banner on the order page indicating that this is a Fiverr Pro client

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