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The different types of Fiverr Pro account roles include admin, billing manager, and member.
Let’s review each type of account's role, access, and abilities.

Learn more about the admin role with  Admin: Account management.


Billing manager

The billing manager has permission to manage the account’s finances.

Only the admin can assign this role, however, multiple members can have billing manager permissions.
Note: The account’s admin will always have billing manager permissions.

Billing managers have the ability to:

  • Access the billing history page and download invoices
  • Deposit money to the account balance. View Account balance and deposits
  • Edit billing information 
  • Change/Add payment methods

Important things to note:

  1. To enable billing-related information access and actions, the admin can assign either an existing account member or a new user as the account's billing manager.

  2. Once the billing manager is assigned, the account will have access to the billing history page and have permission to edit billing information.
    Learn more about Settings, payments, and billing.



The account’s member is a regular account member in the Fiverr Pro account.
They can work on projects/orders, as well as, interact with freelancers.

Members have the ability to:

  • Invite other members
    If the admin added a policy that requires approval for inviting new members, every new invite will be sent for approval before being sent to the invitee- no matter the role of the invitee.

  • Collaborate on projects
    Customers can create new projects or join existing ones. The member can only access public projects or private projects they have been invited to.

  • Save freelancers
    Customers can save freelancers to their accounts. The name of the member who saves the freelancer will appear on the freelancer card.

  • Place orders
    According to the account policies- the admin can require approval for any purchase or for purchases above a specific amount.



  1. How many billing managers can be appointed to a Pro account?
    As many as the admin needs.
    Note: All members have the ability to be assigned to be a member, billing manager, or both.

  2. Can billing managers also make purchases?
    Yes, billing managers have the ability to make purchases via the Pro account.

  3. Can I become an admin?
    Yes, members can become the admin. The current admin must assign a member the new admin role—the current admin’s role will automatically convert to a member after that.

    Note: If the admin didn't assign another member before leaving, a current member will need to contact Customer Support in order to re-open the account and change it.

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