Fiverr Pro vs. Fiverr marketplace FAQs

Let’s go over all you need to know about Fiverr Pro vs. Fiverr marketplace and review your Fiverr Pro FAQs.

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General Fiverr Pro FAQs

1. How do I create a Fiverr Pro account?
If you are a brand new user (Welcome!), you'll be asked for your business email, add your name, and choose your username and password. You will then be redirected to the onboarding process. 

Learn more about how to get started with Onboarding and creating your account.

2. Do I need to pay for Fiverr Pro and the additional services offered?
Not at all—signing up is absolutely free!

3. What if I wish to have a Fiverr Pro account for my business buying needs, but already have a Fiverr marketplace account?
In this case, you have 2 options:

  • Keep the accounts together (merged)
  • Keep the accounts separate (as two accounts)

Remember: If you are a freelancer, the only option is to have 2 accounts.

4. How do I keep track of Fiverr Pro freelancers that I've used in the past?
Members and admins can save a freelancer to either the shared or personal freelancer management page—the place for your favorite talent.

Learn more about how to save specific Gigs/freelancers to your own customized lists with Lists.

5. Can I switch my invoice’s billing info if I convert my account?
Yes, if the admin wants to change their billing information on their Fiverr Pro orders and invoices, they’ll need to input the updated information under Administration > Billing and payments > Billing information.

6. Can I keep my previous purchases private from my company?
Yes, if you choose to convert your Fiverr account to a Pro account, your existing orders will be filed under My Project—which is your personal space.

Learn more about Project with My Project.

Fiverr Pro vs. Fiverr Marketplace

1. What can I do with Fiverr Pro that I can’t do on the Fiverr marketplace?
Fiverr Pro allows you to:

  • Track all of your business purchasing activity
  • Single shared payment 
  • Work with your team—transparently
  • Save and share your favorite freelancers
  • Provide you with services that are only tailored to Fiverr Pro users such as Clients - project management service by Fiverr Pro

2. What advantage does the Fiverr Pro have for payments that the Fiverr marketplace doesn’t offer?

With Fiverr Pro, you can share a credit card with your team, or deposit funds into your business account using a credit card or bank/wire transfer.

Admins can control privacy and create a Purchasing policy to approve orders placed by the account members. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate directly with Fiverr staff through our Project partner program.

3. What is the difference between Fiverr Pro and the Fiverr marketplace? Is one better than the other?
Having different options allows you to decide which is best for you.

Fiverr marketplace is oriented toward all Fiverr customers, and has a broader selection of freelancers to choose from, to cater to any and all projects, budgets, and requirements.

Fiverr Pro is oriented toward Fiverr Pro clients and businesses that need more advanced tools, collaboration with select Fiverr Pro freelancers, and advanced billing and payment options.

4. What happens to my original Fiverr marketplace account when I switch to a Fiverr Pro account?
Once you onboard to Fiverr Pro, you can choose to either:

  • Keep your Fiverr account separate
  • Merge it into your new Fiverr Pro account

Learn more with Onboarding and creating your account.

5. What happens to my previous Fiverr marketplace orders after I convert to a Fiverr Pro account?
When a Fiverr account converts to a Fiverr Pro account, the orders that were placed beforehand will be transferred to the Pro account.
To find your previous personal orders, click on your profile picture >  Orders.


Fiverr Pro account roles

1. Can a member place orders with Fiverr Pro without purchasing permission from the administrator? 
Administrators can set a limit on how much members can spend, load money into the account, and even assign a billing manager.

Learn more about billing and administration with Settings, payments, and billing  and Account balance and deposits.

2. How can my company work as a team and collaborate on the same order or project?
The projects and the messaging collaboration tool—available on Fiverr Pro only—are created to help your team work on projects together.

With the collaboration tool, you can communicate and collaborate together in a specific order.
Learn more with Team collaboration.

3. What is the projects tool?
With the projects tool, you can create different project types and get a personalized experience based on your projects’ characteristics, as well as, help manage your corresponding account members, track orders, and more.

4. What happens when I leave my company as an administrator?
Once you leave your role as an admin (or close your Pro account), your Fiverr Pro account will become a Fiverr account.
You will still have access to your Pro orders and inbox conversations, but your other account members won’t.

Learn more about account roles with Admins: Member account management

5. What happens when I leave my company as a member?

Members cannot close a Fiverr Pro account. However, if they wish to leave the business, they must close their Fiverr account:
Profile Picture > Settings > Account deactivation

Note: If you close your account as a member, your email address will remain registered on Fiverr and cannot be reused, to be able to reuse your email, the admin of the account is required to remove you first.

6. How can I reuse my e-mail address after leaving a Pro account?
If the admin removes a member from the Pro account, the member’s account will be automatically closed. After, the member is welcome to create a new Fiverr account for personal use either with the same e-mail address or a new one.

Once deactivated, your Fiverr Pro orders will be automatically shared with the remaining Pro members—meaning, they’ll be able to access the order page and download the order files.

Please note: If the admin doesn’t remove your account, and you choose to leave Fiverr Pro on your own, then you won’t be able to reuse your e-mail address.

7. Can I restore my closed Pro account?
Due to intellectual property rights and for the business’s safety, we don't restore closed accounts that were tied to Fiverr Pro.

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