Using projects

In this article, you can take a detailed look into how to best use projects for your business requirements. Topics covered include invitations to projects, creating a project, how orders work, how deliveries work, and FAQs on all these topics.


Invitation to Projects

Only project owners can invite members to join the project as collaborators, whether they are new or existing members.

In order to add new members, you can send an invitation by email. 
Note: New members will need to be associated with both the project and the Fiverr Pro account.


There are two places from where you can invite a member to a project: Projects dashboard or the order page.

Owners can also invite members to any project. Members will be automatically added to the project and will be notified that they have joined a new project. Once part of the project, the member will be able to invite additional collaborators to the project as well.

Note: Owners can also remove members of a project, as well as the project owner (who created the project). Members who are associated with the relevant project are also able to remove other members.


Checking out with projects

On the check-out page, you will be required to select a project for the new order. If the project has yet to be created, you have the option to create a new project directly from the payment page. 


Creating a new project

All members of the account have the option to create new projects. All you need to do is click on ProjectCreate New project button and fill in the details.

  1. Project name: You can type a customized name for your new project. 
  2. Description: What is your project about? What are your goals? This field is optional.
  3. Toggle privacy mode and switch it on if you would like the project to be private.
  4. All done! The project was successfully created and you can click on Close.
  5. You will be directed to the new projects page where you can add members as collaborators by clicking on the share button from the top-right corner.




Order sharing policy

Any new order, whether public or private projects, will be shared automatically with all the project collaborators. Any new order in a personal project (My Project) will not be shared by default and only you will see it. In both instances, you can change the shared scope to “all members” and switch between sharing the scope with all the project’s collaborators or the entire team. 

Fiverr Pro vs. personal orders 

The orders menu shows your Fiverr Pro orders and, if you migrated your account to Fiverr Pro with existing orders, you will be able to see your Fiverr marketplace orders here as well.

As the admin of the account, you can also see all of the orders placed by the members of the Pro account that are public or have been shared with you. And both admin and members can see details on their orders, such as who the freelancer is, the extras purchased, the total cost of the order, and the order status. Orders can be filtered by the project to which they belong.

Project deliveries

Store all your project order deliverables in one centralized place! The dedicated section within Projects allows for easy navigation and localization of old orders.

1. Projects has a dedicated tab for all the deliveries received on that specific order page.

Note: Project Deliveries will only be compatible with new deliveries and is not retroactive.  

delivries tab.png
2. Using the folder-like experience, simply download it all as a zip file with one click. 2. Using the folder-like experience_ simply download it all as a zip file with one click..png

3. Deliveries can be filtered to see:

  • Which collaborator made the purchase
  • When the purchase was made
3. Deliveries can be filtered to see_.png

Using Collaboration within deliveries 

You may access the Collaboration tool directly through the deliveries tab.

When the member clicks the “preview” icon on the Gig card, they will be redirected to the Collaboration tool window.

Note: This will only work while the order is active.  


Using Collaboration within Deliveries.png



1. Can I move orders between the different project types? 
While you can move orders between projects, you can only move orders to projects you can view (i.e projects where you are a collaborator or public projects). 

If you move your order to your personal project, the "share" scope will be changed to “only me,” or to “entire team” (as the scope of personal projects).

Note: From the order page, the order’s client can move orders between projects, regardless of the order status.

2. What is a collaborator?
A collaborator is an account member you invite to join your project.

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