How to find the right freelancers on Fiverr Pro

Our platform is filled with Pro freelancers, vetted for their skills. Here are a few ways you can find and connect with freelancers.

Search for freelancers you need

You can easily refine your searches with various filters, and quickly view freelancer profiles that display relevant information on the spot (e.g., professional experience, reviews, portfolios, and which customers they’ve worked with in the past).

How it works

  • Search for either Pro Catalog or Full Catalog. 
    Clicking the toggle located towards the top-left side of the catalog. 
    Pro catalog will provide you with the Pro freelancers and their profiles.Full catalog will allow you to browse per service (gigs) and have a choice of Pro or non-pro gigs.
  • Apply filters to help narrow down your search
    If you want to apply filters (options explained below), you’ll see the available options located on the left side of the Search page.
    Click the (X) to remove a filter during your search.

Fiverr Pro's filters 

You can refine your talent search with the different filter options explained below.

Filter option Description

Specific options and relevant services offered 

Language (Freelancer Speaks)

In their Freelancer Profile, freelancers indicate which languages they speak, and you can filter your search based on the languages available.

Location (Freelancer Lives in)

Filter to find a freelancer that suits your time zone. 


Filter based on the relevant industry provided (e.g., Business services & consulting, Data analytics, Marketing & advertising, etc.).


Filter your search between two minimum and maximum price points.

Online status

Filter the freelancers that are currently logged in to Fiverr's website/mobile application or not. 


Turn on the toggle to display Pro-vetted Freelancers first.
This badge indicates that the freelancers went through a hand-vetting process for their experience and domain skills. 


Get inspired and start exploring the Marketplace here.


Talent Matching by a Business Success Manager


One of the benefits of being part of Fiverr Pro is access to a Business Success Manager.
Your Business Success Manager is there to guide you every step of the way—from onboarding you and your members to the platform to providing you with ongoing support. And best of all, they will help you find talent based on your project’s needs and goals.

For personal freelance recommendations from your Business Success Manager:

  1. Contact your Business Success Manager
    Simply share your project details and the requirements for your ideal freelancer candidate by email here (

  2. Receive your Talent Shortlist
    Once your Business Success Manager has a better idea of what you’re looking for, they will send you a shortlist of freelancer recommendations to reach out to.


Talent Matching tool– Post a Brief & Receive Proposals


With our Talent Matching tool, all you need to do is create a brief with your project requirements and within 10 hours, you’ll receive relevant freelancer proposals—which you can accept or decline.

For personal freelance recommendations from our automated Talent Matching tool:

  1. Click on your search bar and then 'Let freelancers come to you' or at the bottom of your Dashboard click on the 'Fill out your brief option'
    Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 10.08.21.png
  2. Use our template to easily create a brief with your specific project needs, timeline, and requirements.
    Create a brief here.

    Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 13.49.07.png

  3. Get matched within 10 hours
    Based on your brief, our customized matching technology will reach out to the most relevant freelancers with your brief, so that they can contact you directly from there.

  4. Review freelancer proposals
    One or more of our top freelancers will start sending offers to your inbox, which you can accept or decline.

Let an expert manage your project

Our Project Partners are here to support you and help manage your project—every step of the way.

  1. Get a free consultation
  2. Meet your dream team
  3. Receive the final project


Learn more about Project Partners with Project Partner for Fiverr Pro customers.

Got questions about our Project Partner service? Got a project you want to kick off? Get started here.



1. How can I benefit from getting matched with a freelancer?
Our smart algorithm quickly and strategically matches you with the most relevant freelancers based on their skills and your project’s needs.
The best benefit is that you’ll spend less time searching for a freelancer/service since we create a personalized list and present them directly to you.

2. How do I create a good brief and get matched with a high-quality freelancer?
The more details you provide in your brief, the more likely you are to match with a freelancer who’s the perfect fit for you. When you complete a brief, it’s beneficial to fill out the fields that are both required and optional and be as straightforward as possible.

Tip: Try to explain your brief as if you’re talking to someone about your product, platform, service, vision, etc. for the first time.

3. After I have submitted my brief, what should I expect? How soon will I get offers from freelancers?
After you submit your brief, Fiverr will review it and make sure it complies with our Terms of Service. When approved, it will be sent to selected freelancers via our smart algorithm.
We can’t provide an exact time frame for when you will receive offers, since some freelancers may respond faster than others.

4. I can’t see Member requests in my dashboard. What happened?
The Member requests tool has been removed from the site, and replaced with the new matching tool.

The Matching tool allows you to work with specific freelancers that are more tailored to what you’re looking for.
Your suggested freelancers are matched with you via our smart algorithm, based on the details you add to your brief.









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