Team collaboration

Now that you have ordered a service from a freelancer, would you also like to get your team’s input? With Fiverr Pro, you absolutely can.

Team collaboration

Fiverr Pro is a solution offering several collaboration options, including creating collaborative projects, sharing orders internally amongst your account members, making direct comments that only affect the specific members (collaborators) involved in certain tasks, creating lists of potential freelance candidates, reading other account members’ reviews on freelancers and agencies, and expanding your collaborative freelance network—all from your Fiverr Pro dashboard. 

This way, you not only streamline your team’s project requirements but also minimize the amount of time spent looking for freelance talent. The intuitive collaboration tools on Fiverr Pro allow account members to communicate with each other, without having to download and communicate on different platforms, enabling your team to be more effective, efficient, and productive overall.

Note: Members will only be notified of tasks that affect them directly, as opposed to all the member comments. 



How does it work? 

  • Above the order details panel on the right side of the page, you will see the Share button. If the order has not already been shared, please share it prior to beginning the collaboration process. This will help you reduce friction at a later stage.

Note: By default, your order is already shared with the project collaborators, if you want to change the Share scope to all organization’s members you can do it by pressing the share button.

  • To create a new comment, click the green Add comment button at the bottom of the panel. Then add what you would wish to share with your collaborators. By adding a new comment, you automatically open a new thread. Collaborators can reply in either the thread you began or open a new comment (and subsequently, a new thread). 

  • To mention a particular person(s) from your team in your comment, type “@” and then mention the collaborator's name. You can mention several collaborators. The collaborator/s mentioned will receive a notification. Additionally, you will get a notification for every reply on your thread.

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