FAQs: Payment Options and Bank Transfers

1. Am I able to use PayPal?
Yes, PayPal is now available for Fiverr Pro.

Keep in mind that even though members might be able to see the PayPal option, only admins and billing managers are able to use this payment method. Learn more with PayPal.

2. Can I use the transferred funds for a single order?
Yes, you can use the transferred funds for your business needs as you see fit.

3. Will I still get invoices for the orders or only for the initial transfer?
You will get a receipt for your initial deposit and you will also receive an invoice for each order placed. This will be delivered through the Fiverr platform consistent with all invoices. 

For more information, please see our article Settings, Payments & Billing.

Note: Only admins and billing managers have access to invoices, even if the member placed the order. If you are a member of a Fiverr Pro account, please ask the admin to send you the invoice you require or ask to be made a billing manager. 

4. Who on the account receives the invoice?
The administrator and billing manager have the option to view and download invoices in bulk from the billing history tab.

5. What currency will appear on the invoice?
The invoice will show the currency that was used to make the payment.  

6. Can I get the money back from my Pro balance?
Yes, however, any transfer costs incurred will be paid by the member.  

7. Who can see the account's payment method and who is authorized to change it?
The administrator and billing manager can see the payment method and make changes to it.

8. Who can see the account’s balance and where does it appear?
Currently, the administrator can see the balance on the dashboard or under payment methods. The rest of the members can see this information on the checkout page.

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