Cancel an order with the Resolution Center

The Resolution Center is a great resource to solve issues quickly and easily between a customer and freelancer—without the need to contact Customer Support.


Accessing the Resolution Center

  1. Go to your Order page > select the order you want to resolve (click View).

  2. Click Resolution Center—located on the right side of the page.


  3. Select the action you'd like to take and press Continue.
    • Clients can Get an order update or Cancel order
    • Freelancers can Ask to cancel the order

  4. View and/or withdraw your open disputes via your order page.


How the Resolution Center works for clients vs. freelancers

Both clients and freelancers have access to the Resolution Center and are able to open and/or resolve disputes with the other party.
Let's review how it works for clients vs. freelancers.


How the Resolution Center works for clients

For the clients’s Resolution Center, you can choose to:

  • Get an order update
    Clients can ask their freelancer to provide a progress/status update for their order.

    Please note: If the freelancer fails to update you after two days, the dispute will be automatically closed and the order will return to its previous status.

  • Ask to cancel the order
    You have the option to request your freelancer to cancel the order—and explain why you would like to cancel the order.
    Freelancers will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline dispute requests made by a clients.

How the Resolution Center works for freelancers

For the freelancer’s Resolution Center, you can choose to:

  • Ask your client to cancel the order
    When you request to cancel an order, your cancellation request and comments are sent directly to your client. After you select the dispute reason from the choices provided, you will also be able to explain why you’re submitting the request.

    Learn more about Cancelations.

Note: Freelancers can request to extend the delivery date and/or add extras on the order page.
If your client doesn't respond within 4 days of your request to extend your delivery date, the request will be withdrawn—meaning the order will return to its previous status, with no changes made to the delivery date.

Note: When an order is in completed status, you will not be able to use the resolution center. Please contact Customer Support to cancel the order. 

Important things to know

  • Your comments will be submitted and sent to the other party
    Either your client or your freelancer will receive your feedback once you submit a dispute or cancellation request.

  • The other party will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline your disputes
    After 48-hour timeframe, the order will automatically be canceled if no response is received by the other party. The order will appear as Mutually Cancelled.
    Learn more about Cancelations.

  • Disputes are sent to the other party, not Customer Support
    Disputes submitted through the Resolution Center are sent to the other party within the order page. They are not sent to Customer Support, nor are they notified of the dispute. 

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