Net terms

Disclaimer: This tool is currently in beta testing, and is not available to all customers. Only select customers located within the US will have access to this tool.


A selected number of businesses located in the US will now have the option to add Net terms to their payment methods. This new tool will make purchasing and accounting much easier for customers and allow them the flexibility to pay after 30 days.


How to add Net terms?

  1. Log in, click on your profile picture > Billing and payments > Payment methods page.
  2. Enter your billing email address (the email that receives all payment-related information), please Click> Apply 
net_Payment methods tab.png

Follow the steps in the pop-up window to continue the process.


Please note: If your display currency is non-USD, the purchase must be paid in USD.


How do I disable Net terms?

  1. Log in, click on your profile picture > Billing and payments > Payment methods page.
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of Net terms.
  3. Click on Disable.
  4. A box will appear click on the red Yes, disable tab.
  5. Changes will be saved.
  6. A new default payment method was added for you.



How will I know if my application was approved?
After completing the registration you will receive an activation email from Get Balance.


Who approves my application?

Your application is approved via Get Balance. Balance support 


Are all US banks available?

  • We are working with Plaid which supports most US banks.
  • "Get Balance" uses Plaid to connect to member bank accounts.
  • Plaid support many financial institutes that you can find here -
  • Alternatively, you can manually upload your financial statements.


How is the credit amount determined?
Get Balance will allow credit lines up to 50k USD.


How do I receive an invoice for my order? 

You will receive a Fiverr invoice the same way as all other invoices on Fiverr and will be able to view and download them from the Billing history tab that is available to both admins and billing managers.


How do I pay for the invoices that were made with Net terms?

Invoice payments can be made via the Get Balance portal.

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