Making an impression with your Fiverr Pro gig

Being a Fiverr Pro means presenting yourself like a professional, so potential clients know that you're the real deal. Although it’s great to have on your profile, a Fiverr Pro badge can't help you recover if your Gig doesn’t look good. To make sure you succeed, all Fiverr Pro Gigs are reviewed before they go live in the marketplace. The tips in the article below will help take your basic Gig setup to the next level. 

If you’d like to create your first Fiverr Pro Gig, see Creating a Fiverr Pro Gig. 
Remember: Contact your Pro Experience Manager for their input and feedback when creating your Gig.


Tips to optimize your Gig images

On Fiverr, just like in life, first impressions are everything. Use each Gig to make the best possible impression on potential clients. The first step to Fiverr success is a carefully created Gig with clear images and a detailed description. Create a powerful Gig that converts into sales—good images are crucial for clients to click on your Gig and order your service.


Tips for Gig optimization 

  • Gig title - should be short, clear and concise. Use relevant search words in your title.
  • Gig images and videos - make sure this reflects the services that you offer in the best possible way. 
    • If you chose to use your personal photo, make sure that it is actually you. 
    • Avoid overcrowding your Gig display with images. Use only images that you have permission to use.
    • Avoid using too much text on an image. Remember, clients should be able to read your image when looking at the thumbnail.
    • For best results, use high resolution images. Make sure that the images aren’t pixelated.

Live portfolio 

Give your potential clients an opportunity to see your work samples. 



Filling this out will allow clients to find your services based on the information you provided. 


Gig description 

  • Make the description as informative as possible. This will help reduce cancelations and unnecessary questions from clients 
  • Sharpen your description to convey exactly what you offer and what you don’t offer
  • Use simple language so the description is clear to all
  • Offer clients to contact you before they place an order
  • Add any specific requirements or instructions you may have. Show clients you are serious and passionate about your work


This allows you to increase your Gig conversion rate and provide your potential clients with optimal information about your services. It could also help prevent unnecessary cancelations. 

Gig Extras

If you are wanting to promote your services even more, use Gig extras. Consider adding it as a complimenting service that will allow you to offer a well rounded service.

Gig image tips

Good images are crucial for clients to click on your Gig and order your service. When using images, please consider the following:

Image quality

Generate more revenue and attract high-quality clients for your business by using Gig images that stand out. Be sure to: 

  • Use sharp and clear images
  • Avoid pixelated, blurry, stretched, or “squashed” images
  • Use high-resolution, eye-catching images that stand out to potential clients

Embedded text

If you want to overlay additional text on top of your work sample (text on the image), make sure that it's very clear and easy to read. Use as little text as possible. 


Visually neat and clean  

Select “clean” images and try not to include too much. Remember—less is more!


Recommended image size 

1280 x 769 px, with a minimum of 712 x 430 and a maximum of 4000 x 2416 px (at 72 DPI).


Resizing images 

If you’re using a Mac, use Preview. On Windows, use Photo Gallery. Other free tools are available online. Need help? Reach out to Fiverr’s image experts.


Unique images

If you have more than one Gig, choose a different image for each one. This helps clients can find what they need.

Using a picture of yourself

If you chose to use your personal photo, make sure it's truly representative. 

Note: The following relates to the use of a picture within a Gig image only, and does not apply to a freelancer’s profile.


Be trustworthy

Show yourself clearly and facing the front. For more information, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.


Keep it real
 and show your clients who you are

Take a photo of yourself from a front-facing angle to convey a sense of trust. Be sure not to misrepresent yourself in any way. For more, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.


Image orientation 

When you take a picture of yourself, use landscape mode. Crop the image to the right proportions (use the recommended image size guide above).


Visually neat and clean 

Make sure that the environment where you take the photos is well-lit, has a plain background, and that the final photo is neither blurry or pixelated.



Gig images must directly relate to the service provided—random images 
can damage a Gig's reputation and lower Editorial pick possibility. 


Tips to optimize your video

Videos enable you to explain your service personally. When using a video within your Gig: 

  • Include a clear description of your service (that an image can't portray)
  • Keep it short and to-the-point
  • Add music or voiceover to increase engagement 
  • Don't use a computer to narrate your Gig—rather use your voice
  • Upload a high-quality video with no audio/video syncing issues or aspect ratios
  • Never include personal contact information

Note: The maximum limit is 50MB and should be MP4 or AVI files. You're also able to set the desired frame for your video thumbnail.


Helpful tips (by category)

Graphic & Design

  • Upload images in all 3 image slots 
  • Use the 2 PDF slots to display more work (3 pages per PDF)                                                                                                                                                                    

Digital Marketing

  • Illustrations for Gig images should be iconic and elemental rather than detailed or “cartoony.”
  • Use a professional photo of the writer as an element of the main Gig image 
  • Make sure to set the delivery time to give yourself enough time to complete it
  • Use a video of yourself explaining the service to instill more client confidence
  • Only show 1 certification badge in your main image  
  • Use the PDF section of the Gig gallery to build brochures about your service

Writing & Translation

  • Use PDFs in the Gig gallery to display work samples 
  • Provide URLs to published online works 
  • Use a professional photo of yourself as an element of the main Gig image

Video & Animation

  • Upload a video with sound for each Gig
  • Use the Set Thumbnail option on the video to choose a still image for your Gig (from the video)
  • Only use vertical videos for the Short Video Ads category.

Programming & Tech

  • Illustrations for your Gig image should be iconic and elemental rather than detailed or “cartoony”
  • Avoid using a screenshot of a website as the main Gig image as the detail is lost on the Gig card 
  • Only show 1 certification badge in your main image
  • To list client websites, create a section in the description titled Client Work Examples and do not use "www" 
  • Use the PDF section of the Gig gallery to build brochures about your service or display websites

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