How Fiverr Pro for freelancers work

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Our platform brings customers and freelancers together by enabling freelancers and digital agencies to offer their services, or as we call them - “Gigs," so businesses can quickly select and hire talent. As a verified Pro freelancer, you are part of a hand-vetted group of professionals -- in other words, you’re the best of the best! Now you will have access to over 11,000,000 businesses that use Fiverr to hire freelancers -- and your Fiverr Pro status means that you will truly stand out in the marketplace.


The Pro benefits 


Pro badge

Boost visibility with a verification badge on your profile and services. Marked by a blue check, this badge signifies your vetted status on Fiverr. It helps you stand out to clients who are looking for business expertise. 

Premium client access

The dedicated Pro catalog connects you with top clients for bigger, ongoing projects. The curated catalog enhances your visibilityoffering business clients an easy-to-access collection of Fiverr's best freelancers.

Client recommendations 

Establish credibility and request endorsements from clients outside of Fiverr. Build up your profile with up to five testimonials that showcase your expertise and client trust.

Onboarding support

Kick-start your Pro journey with a dedicated session. We'll guide you to success as a Pro freelancer, outlining expectations, benefits, and tips to effectively work with business clients.

Exclusive community 

Join our Pro-only hub for career advancement resources, strategic partnership opportunities, and perks. Network with peers, learn business growth strategies, and insider tips. Stay informed with the latest news and attend premium webinars.

Customer protection

We believe in your ability to deliver excellent work and have your back if a Pro client is unsatisfied and cancels the order within 14 days.

Past work experience 

Showcase career milestones on your profile, from past achievements to current expertise. Provide potential clients with a better understanding of your skills through your work history.



Getting started

Only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr. Signing up is quick and easy. Be sure to use the same email address you used for your Fiverr Pro freelancer application when creating your Fiverr account so that we can link you to your Fiverr Pro status. 
Put some thought into the username you choose as it can’t be changed once it’s created. 
For more information and the next steps, see Creating Your Fiverr Pro Freelancer Profile. Once your profile is set up, it’s time to create your first Gig so you can get hired! Get details on the process in our article, Creating a Fiverr Pro Gig.



  1. What type of customers should I expect?
    Fiverr gets traffic from all sorts of clients across the business spectrum, from solo entrepreneurs up to Fortune 500 corporations. Most often, you can expect to receive inquiries from small businesses and entrepreneurs. Those looking, specifically, for Fiverr Pro freelancers usually have higher budgets.

  2. How much does Fiverr charge?
    When your order is successfully delivered and completed, you get 80% of the total order value. For example, if you price your Gig at $1000, you will receive $800 for a completed order. For more information, see our Terms of Service

  3. How are you going to get these customers on the site? Where will they come from?
    Fiverr has a customer base of over 11,000,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. Your success means our success, so we’re committed to putting Pro freelancers in front of customers with bigger projects and attracting even more businesses who need your level of talent.

  4. How should I price my Gig?

    With a Fiverr Pro Gig, you can price your Gig up to $20,000 and create custom offers for up to $50,000. To price your Gig, consider the following:

    • How much do you usually charge for your service?
    • How much do you want to make per hour, and how long does your service typically take?
    • How many revisions are you offering?
    • How much do your competitors charge for a similar service both on and off Fiverr?
    • Factor the 20% Fiverr commission into your price.

    The budget of Fiverr customers can vary greatly. Start by pricing your Gigs the same as you would any other average freelance project you receive. You can always adjust your prices later if you find you are not getting the number of inquiries you were expecting, or you want to attract customers with bigger projects.

  5. Will I be able to link my personal website in the future?
    You can only link your website if it does not contain any contact information. If it does, we recommend making use of the Gig gallery, PDFs, and Portfolio to display work examples for customers.

  6. Is there any protection in place for taking on large projects, or is there any way that I can set up the process to avoid chargebacks that come long after the job is delivered and paid for?
    We can almost always compensate you in the rare situation that you run into a chargeback, even on a very large job. We would fight the chargeback on your behalf and be able to cover you in the meantime. To do so, we need two very important things: 
  • Proof of the work completed (a payment provider will request this), and
  • Records of any conversations that happened outside of the Fiverr messaging system, such as notes, and especially agreements, are attached to the order page or inbox.

    For a large project, consider using the milestones tool, or breaking the order into a few custom offers. That way, you are covered for work done in each specific phase, in the case that the customer decides not to move forward.

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