Legal consulting for Fiverr Pro

We’re opening the subcategory Legal consulting to Pro freelancers.

The definition for Pro in this subcategory means that the freelancer is a vetted lawyer.
Currently, we are only able to vet freelancers from the US and the UK. We hope to add additional locations in the future.

Please note: This subcategory is in pilot testing, and Fiverr reserves the option to cancel or modify it at any time.

We’re excited to introduce a new space in the marketplace for clients to search for lawyers who are vetted by the Fiverr team and are able to practice law and provide legal counseling (in specific locations).

Let’s review everything you need to know about what it means to be a Pro freelancer in Legal consulting.


Legal consulting for Pro freelancers

All Pro freelancers in the subcategory Legal consulting have undergone a process to confirm that they are accredited lawyers.
If you are a freelancer who is an accredited lawyer, from a US state or from parts of the UK and you deliver high-quality work, we invite you to apply to Fiverr Pro.

View the list of eligible locations below.

Learn more about Fiverr Pro with What is Fiverr Pro?.

How to apply and get vetted (for freelancers)

Application process

Before applying, make sure that you are logged in and then start the Fiverr Pro application.

To apply to be vetted:

  1. Log in and open the form.
  2. Under You're a professional in*, select business > next > Legal consulting.
  3. Complete and submit your application.
    You can view all of the other vetting process requirements below.
    Note: The application will require you to provide a bar or SRA number, so that we can perform a vetting process to confirm that you have an active accreditation at the time of vetting.


Eligible locations available for Pro freelancers
(Legal consulting)


Available areas

United States

  • All US states, except for:
    Iowa, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota

United Kingdom

  • England
  • Wales

Verifying bar or SRA numbers might take longer for different locations, depending on the process of the relevant state.


Vetting process

  1. Once you apply and are approved by the vetting process, you won't need to reapply again.
  2. For those that pass the vetting process, we will re-check the bar or SRA number against the database every January to confirm that the membership is still active.
  3. You can view all of the vetting process requirements below.

Please note: Fiverr is not responsible for the validity date or expiration of a freelancer’s license—meaning freelancers must make sure they’re able to practice law throughout their Gig’s existence (from start to finish).

Vetting process requirements

Note: Fiverr will only confirm a freelancer's license number.



State of registry

Here, you’ll pick which US state you are registered to be a lawyer in.

Bar number

Here, you’ll share your official bar number.
It must be active and have no disciplinary actions.

Link or file to your profile on your state’s bar registry

Attaching a link or file will help speed up Fiverr’s vetting process.

Picture of your law school diploma

An image of your diploma will confirm your name and school.

Law school information

You’ll be required to provide the name of your law school, as well as, the year that you graduated.

Learn more with Legal consulting for Fiverr Pro FAQs.


Legal consulting Pro services (for clients)

We’re taking a step forward and working towards vetting our freelancers in the subcategory Legal consulting—starting with most US states and the UK.

About the vetting process

A freelancer with a Pro badge not only has a high quality of service, but will also have undergone a process to confirm that they are an accredited lawyer at the time of vetting.

Please note: A freelancer’s vetted status is valid according to the date when we checked the data.

Learn more about the vetting process requirements above.


Important things to know

Keep in mind, not all services related to legal issues must be completed by an accredited lawyer—this depends on the type of service required.

For example: Legal research can be done by a person who is not an accredited lawyer. However, we suggest that you check with the relevant freelancer, and receive all of the required information regarding the service to confirm if you need a lawyer or not. 

Note: In any case, we recommend that you message your freelancer and make sure both parties have all necessary information before placing an order—including if the freelancer is certified to practice law in your jurisdiction.

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