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Note: Our team is constantly growing our selection of services.

Your most important and urgent projects require time, industry skills, and the right team of freelancers.

The goal of the project management service is to help your team or business either plan or execute a project end-to-end effortlessly.

All Fiverr Pro clients will be able to connect with a dedicated business partner of their choice for end-to-end project management.

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What is Project Management Service by Fiverr Pro? 

The project management service was created exclusively for Fiverr Pro clients.

Our service matches all types of clients—from solopreneurs to large businesses and brands—with a highly skilled and dedicated business partner, who will plan and execute any project that requires highly skilled and talented freelancers.


Your business partners are experts in their fields, with years of experience in project management. They’re here to help you complete your project in a highly professional and seamless way.

Here are the main benefits you can look forward to: 

  • We all do all the work
    No matter the challenge, we'll plan and execute projects so you don’t have to.

  • The quality you deserve
    Get results you’ll be proud of without the agency price tag.

  • Freelancers picked for you
    We’ll build a team of top freelance talent specifically for your project.

  • One-time or ongoing
    We’ll make projects happen, whether it’s on a one-time or ongoing basis.

  • Full speed and transparency
    Your business partner joins your account so you stay updated and in control.

  • Industry expertise 
    Work with a business partner who has the domain expertise you need.

With end-to-end project management, your business partner will plan and manage the project from the start until the final delivery. Business partners are a key source when it comes to the formation, communication, and management of your team of freelancers. They assist you with the entire process—from hand-picking the right freelancers to ensuring your project is delivered as quickly as possible.

You’ll also be up-to-date on all project activity with account visibility and one-on-one conversations with your business partner.


How it works

A typical Fiverr Pro project includes these five steps: 

  1. Discovery call
    A quick meeting to help the business partner outline your project scope, goals, preferences, and requirements.

  2. Team building
    We’ll create a brief that you will need to fill out. Once approved, we will assemble a team of highly qualified freelancers.

  3. Project planning
    We’ll create your work plan with full transparency over budgets, timelines, and expectations.

  4. Execution
    We’ll handle the day-to-day communication with the freelancer/s and provide progress updates.

  5. Completion
    We’ll facilitate the project delivery and ensure high-quality results until the project is approved by you.

Here are just a few examples of the projects we currently support under each domain: 

Design & Branding Digital Marketing Video & Animation Development
Brand design SEO & SEM eBooks and audiobooks App/web development
Web/App Design E-Commerce development Full video production Web/app design
3D Modeling  Social media content & advertising Podcast production AI application - coming soon


Before starting your project 

Requesting a personal business partner

Easily enough, there’s only one qualification for this service.
To request this service, you need to have a project with a minimum budget of $3,000 (USD) per project/service. 

Our project management service has an initial planning fee. The final price is calculated from the project budget, keeping in mind that the minimum budget must be $3K. The planning fee will be deducted from the calculated fee if you choose to move forward with execution.


More info, better service

We encourage you to tell us as many details as possible about your project needs. This way we can help you understand how to achieve your goals and provide you with the best and most accurate service possible, right from the start.

If you’re producing a video, building an e-commerce website, creating brand guidelines, creating content for a website, launching social media campaigns, or anything else, we want to learn more about your project and assist you in making it happen.



My project

1. How much does it cost? Is it a one-time fee or retainer-based?

Each business partner’s fee is one-time only and project-based. The fee is calculated according to the budget. After the discovery call, the client is charged a fixed price. The business partner creates the plan and charges a fee for this part of the service. This initial fee will be deducted from the total service fee. 

The service fee model works in the following way: the higher the budget, the lower the percentage. Each business partner can choose their own fee, every budget range has a different percentage:

For example:

  • $3,000-$7,000 will have a fee of 25% 
  • $7,000-$15,000 will have a fee of 20%
  • $15,000+ will have a fee of 17%. 

2. When should I rely on a business partner, and why?
Based on our experience, large-scale outsourcing poses more of a challenge for businesses—there is a lot of time and know-how needed to successfully plan and execute.

Your business partner is an experienced professional who will oversee your outsourcing needs and conduct quality checks to ensure that high-quality work is delivered.

3. What types of projects can I use this service for?
We have different business partners, each dedicated to specific areas of expertise who can assist you with one or more projects at a time. Our team is constantly growing our selection and offers different types of services from brand identity and design to web/app development.

The current project categories we support are listed above in how it works


Working with my business partner 

1. How much of the work will the business partner do for me?
The business partner will turn your project requirements into a plan including required services plus recommended freelancers within your budget, on a schedule that fits your needs. The partner will also communicate with freelancers and collect their deliveries on your behalf while maintaining the timeline and providing quality assurance.

2. What is the delivery and who is accountable for it?
It is your role and responsibility to review and either revise or approve all deliveries based on your requirements. Your partner will coordinate your requirements with freelancers, and then collect and share all deliveries with you for your approval.

Note: Fiverr is not responsible for the content, quality, or level of service provided by the freelancers. For more information please check out the project management service’s Terms of Service.

3. How does communication with my business partner work?
One of the best and most convenient parts of the process is that the Fiverr Pro website is your main channel for communicating with your business partner and/or freelancers.

Your business partner will make sure to keep you involved in the process.
Throughout the entire project, the business partner will handle all communication with freelancers and provide ongoing progress updates to ensure a hassle-free experience.

4.  What's the difference between a business partner and a Business Success Manager?
Some Fiverr Pro clients get the opportunity to work with a dedicated Business Success Manager and one or more business partners.

Our Business Success Managers are there to guide you from day one through onboarding to platform proficiency, answering technical questions, and matching you with freelancers or agencies at your request.

Our project management service is designed to provide you with a business partner to plan and execute more complex projects that require multiple freelancers on your team.


The freelancers 

1. Which freelancers can I meet this way?
While all Fiverr Pro freelancers are our best on the platform, the project management service helps ensure you meet the most relevant freelancers for your needs. They offer rich and relevant experience across creative, design, development, and marketing.

2. Can I review the freelancers who will work on my project?
Of course! The list of suggested freelancers your business partner provides is a recommendation only.

You will always have the final say over which freelancers are assigned to your project. We encourage you to review each freelancer's profile carefully—including their reviews, ratings, and prior work—before making your final decision.

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