Creating your Fiverr Pro freelancer profile

Your profile is how you present yourself to both the community and, most importantly, potential customers. Use it to introduce yourself, your talents, and your experience in the best possible light.
You can get started by logging in to Fiverr and creating your profile on your profile page. If you are selling for the first time, go to Become a freelancer.
  • Be sure to use the same email address you used for your Pro application when creating your Fiverr account so we can link you to your Fiverr Pro status.
  • The username you select cannot be changed.

To fill out your Fiverr Pro freelancer profile:

  1. In the Availability section, select if you'd like to work full time or part-time, and then choose your working hours and your expected income.

  2. In the Linked Accounts section, link your social networking accounts to your Fiverr account. You may select more than one.
    Note: Your personal information will not be displayed to the customer, but it will show that you have verified your identity.

  3. In the Languages section, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.

  4. In the Skills section, let your customers know your skills. These could be skills gained through previous jobs, hobbies, or everyday life. You also have the option to suggest skills.

  5. In the Education section, select when and where you attended college. You also have the option to suggest your diploma if it's not listed.

  6. In the Certification section, listing honors and awards may help you stand out from other freelancers. You also have the option to suggest certifications.

  7. In the Profile Photo section, add an image of yourself. Show yourself clearly and face the front to convey a sense of trust. For more information, see Fiverr’s Community Standards.
    Tip: As a Fiverr Pro, your profile image should be a professional headshot.
    Learn more with our Gig image guidelines. 

  8. In the Description section, introduce yourself to the Fiverr community. Briefly describe your talents, experience, and other reasons a customer should order from you.
    Note: Description includes experience, personality, and "why order from me".  Remember that you can't add any personal contact information, including websites, social media handles, and email. 

  9. When finished, click Continue & Create Your First Gig.
Note: When suggesting a skill or education, it will appear as pending on your profile until it is approved.  It may take some time for this to happen
Once your account has been upgraded to Fiverr Pro by your Pro Experience Manager, you can add additional information about your professional background (available only for Fiverr Pro freelancers). To access and edit additional extras click your profile image > Username (the sections are on the left):
  1. In the Notable Projects & Clients section, include companies you collaborated with. 

  2. In the My Portfolio section, we recommend uploading at least three projects.

  3. In the Professional Presence and Social Presence section, link your social networking accounts to your Fiverr account. You may select more than one.

  4. In the Appearances and Features section, include media appearances, panel membership, forum participation, etc. 
Once you've completed your profile, you can proceed to create your Fiverr Pro Gig. For more information, see Creating a Fiverr Pro Gig.

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