Being a Pro freelancer: Guidelines and responsibilities

As a Fiverr Pro freelancer, you are expected to have extra high standards regarding professional ethics. 

To help you achieve those standards, we have created these important guidelines to be aware of and comply with.

Guidelines and responsibilities

In accordance with Fiverr Pro's commitment to maintaining high-quality service standards, freelancers enrolled as Fiverr Pro may be subject to demotion or probation if they fail to consistently meet the elevated expectations of delivery excellence and professionalism.
The criteria for assessment include but are not limited to, client communication and satisfaction, adherence to the Fiverr Terms of Service and Community Standards, responsiveness, on-time delivery, order completion rate, and maintaining satisfactory ratings. The determination of whether a Fiverr Pro freelancer meets these standards and subsequently the decision to demote or place on probation remains at the discretion of Fiverr, allowing flexibility to address various factors that may impact the overall quality and performance of a Pro freelancer. Please be aware that these standards may evolve over time, with ongoing efforts to elevate and ensure the premium nature of Fiverr Pro services.

Professional ethics

  • Be professional and fair with the whole Fiverr community
    Be aware that multiple complaints against you can lead to the Fiverr Pro badge being removed from your profile and Pro Gigs

  • Don’t discriminate based on gender, religion, ethnicity or nationality
    Diversity is an integral part of Fiverr, so any discrimination or use of hate speech can lead to us blocking your Fiverr account.

  • Play fair: any attempt to manipulate Fiverr’s review or charging systems is unacceptable

  • Always use appropriate language when communicating with your customers and/or Fiverr’s team
    Using inappropriate language,
    threats or rude behavior toward customers or Fiverr staff will not be tolerated.

  • Do not deliver any hate-related content
    If you are in any doubt about content, please contact Customer Support.

  • Please make sure that the services you offer or agree to deliver align with our Terms of Service and Community Standards
    For any service request that raises concerns, feel free to contact our Customer Support team for clarification.

Deliver high-quality work 

  • Work that you deliver or provide must be original work or content that you have the right to use
    We vetted you based on the work you submitted and we expect that same level of competence in your deliveries to customers.

  • All work that you provide should be customized and unique to each order

  • Work that you deliver or present must be free from copyrighted materials

Taking business off of the Fiverr platform

  • Communication off of the Fiverr platform can only take place after the order has been placed on Fiverr
    No contact information may be shared within the Gig itself.

  • Fiverr Pro freelancers may communicate with their customers off-platform, but please be aware that:
    1. All off-platform communication must be documented on Fiverr to allow Fiverr to protect you in case of any client–freelancer dispute.
    2. Any attempt to take business/sales off Fiverr will result in Fiverr blocking your account, according to Fiverr's Terms of Service. 

Existing Fiverr freelancers 

Converting your existing Gig to a Pro Gig will be subject to the Fiverr Pro team's review and approval, taking into account, the quality of your existing Gig, your communication with customers in connection with such Gig, and any warnings or terms of service violations in connection with such Gig.


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