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Ratings and reviews play a vital role in promoting a trustworthy experience within the Fiverr marketplace. We believe in maintaining a reliable review system that benefits both clients and freelancers. This help center article provides a comprehensive guide on reviews and ratings, including how to provide feedback as a client or freelancer, the visibility of reviews, and important considerations.

The public review section allows clients to rate completed and, in some cases, canceled orders, leave written feedback, and optionally share a work sample.

Client's ratings, written reviews, and any shared work samples are displayed on both the freelancer's profile (under reviews) and the Gig page (within the Live Portfolio).

The option to leave ratings and reviews is available in these scenarios:

  • For clients, after an order is delivered and marked as Completed
  • Once the client has added a review to the order, the freelancer will get the option to add their review. 

Providing a review as a client

How to add a review as a client:

    1. Head to your orders section by logging in and clicking Orders from the top menu.
    2. Find the order you want to review, and when you open it, you'll see a banner saying "Your order was completed."
    3. Click the Rate Experience button on that banner.

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Rating Topics: Clients will rate the following aspects of the completed order:

  • Based on your expectations, how would you rate the quality of this delivery?
    Follow up question (optional) to define the reason behind the decision

    Based on expectations.png

  • How was it working with the freelancer?
    Follow up question (optional) to define the reason behind the decision
    Based on expectations.png

  • How would you rate the value for money of this service?
    Rate delivery.png
  • Written feedback
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Public vs. Private Feedback

24 hours after the order is marked as completed, the option to leave a private review will become available. You will get an email and a notification on Fiverr letting you know that you have the ability to leave a private review. 

Private reviews help Fiverr improve the buying experience, and will never be shared with or be visible to other clients or freelancers. 

Providing a review as a freelancer

  1. Once your order is complete, your client will be able to leave a review.
  2. As soon as a client adds their review, you will receive a notification allowing you the option to leave a review of your own. 
  3. Only after you submit your review of the client, both reviews will become visible on the platform. 
  4. As a  freelancer, you will be able to leave a public comment on a client's review, which will be visible on your Gig.

When leaving a review or a comment on a review, please remain respectful and represent your business in a positive way. Remember, your communication will be visible to potential clients.

Important things to note

  • Customer Support will only remove reviews that violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Community Standards.
  • It is against Fiverr policies to:
    • Solicit reviews from clients in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades, or any other type of additional benefit
    • Manipulate, pressure or ask a client to edit or remove feedback or a review from the platform
    • Manipulate, pressure or ask a client to add a 5-star review or give more positive feedback than they are already willing to provide
Ratings and reviews are subjective and reflect an individual experience. Not all clients can be 100% satisfied, and reaching out to past clients to request the removal or modification of their rating or review is against Fiverr’s Community Standards.



  1. Why can't I add a review to my order?
    Both clients and freelancers have up to 14 days to provide a review. Exclusively only for orders under the Programming & Tech or SEO categories, the timeframe is 30 days from the order completion to leave a review and rating. After this time frame, there will no longer be an option to provide a review.

  2. My order is still active, can I add a review?
    If the order is still in an active status (In Progress, In revision, Late, or Very Late), the option to add a review is not given yet. This option only appears after delivery when the order is marked completed.

  3. Can I change my review?
    If you would like to change your public review, please reach out to Customer Support within 30 days from the time that you left the review. Customer support will be able to edit a review only in specific situations where the criteria are met. Keep in mind that only the client may request the removal of their review.
    The client can choose to leave a review and rate their experience. Of course, freelancers will be able to add a public response to the review on their Gig page, however, the freelancer will not have the ability to leave a review on their client.

  4. Why did you add the ‘value for money’ question to the public feedback form?
    Previously, freelancers couldn't see the submitted feedback for this question. Now, with this change, we are able to provide you with more insights into client perceptions and make them more transparent. This also simplifies the feedback process, reducing the number of forms clients need to fill out and allowing for more feedback to be collected, while offering pricing insights. For example, consistently high ‘value for money’ scores may signal opportunities to raise Gig prices. It’s important to note, our analysis of historical data over the past 4 years shows consistent ‘value for money’ scores across pricing levels, ensuring dependable feedback as you navigate your freelancing journey.

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