Partial refunds 


We’re pleased to introduce the new partial refund option so you can make the necessary payment adjustments to your existing order. In the event that your current project or order flow changes, this new option will enable you to cancel a portion of an order rather than canceling the order entirely. 

Note: This tool is still in a beta testing phase and is not yet available to all freelancers. Depending on certain beta eligibility, some Seller Plus Premium members will have early access.
This tool will be released to all freelancers in the near future.


Partial refund eligibility 

Partial refunds will be applied towards the initial amount (primary amount). This means that if an extra  was added to the order after it was placed, the partial refund will only cover the initial amount and not any extras added thereafter. 


Additionally, the following criteria are also applicable:

  • Each offer will be up to 60% of the original order price. For example: If your order is for $200 - the partial refund allowed for this price point is $120. 
  • The minimum order amount to be eligible for a partial refund is currently $100 and we will gradually reduce the minimum order amount over time.
  • Orders placed on or after June 11th, 2023 are eligible for a partial refund.


Order types

The kind of order that was purchased should be taken into account as these may differ.


Regular orders (one-time purchase orders) will have the option of a partial refund.


Milestone orders are also included. However, a partial refund can only be applied on the first milestone. After the first milestone is marked as complete, the partial refund option will no longer be available. 


Discounted orders such as those purchased along with a promo code, freelancer coupon, promotions, or orders purchased with Fiverr credits are not eligible for a partial refund. This may change in the future. 


Subscription orders are not eligible for a partial refund as these are considered as a discounted order type.


Freelancer and customer views

Before submitting the request, we encourage customers and freelancers to get in touch with one another and reach a consensus on a new targeted price. To better manage expectations and provide better services, this is a smart practice. 


Freelancer flow:

Note: Only freelancers have the capability to send a partial refund offer.

  1. Go to the Resolution Center from the order page > Cancel Order.
  2. Two options will appear on the page, which you can select from. Make sure to select Offer a partial refund.


  1. Enter in the amount that you would like to refund, along with a detailed explanation of the offer to the customer. The next step will prompt you to select from a dropdown menu.
    “Tell us why you want to send a refund” is anonymous to the customer and will not be shared with them. 

  1. Proceed with “Send offer”.
  2. A notification will appear which will confirm that your customer has received your refund offer.
  3. If the customer does not respond to the offer within 3 days, the offer will expire. This means that the offer is no longer valid and will be canceled automatically. 

Note: If an agreement is not reached, the freelancer will have the option to withdraw the offer.


Customer view:

  1. You will be notified via email and through the order page once the freelancer sends in their offer. 


  1. The breakdown of the amount and reason for the request will appear under the “Activity” section of the order page. Here, you can decline or accept the proposed refund.

  1. Depending on whether you accept or decline the offer, a new pop up will appear asking you the reason for your decision. 

Note: If the customer does not respond to the offer within 3 days, the offer will expire. This means that the offer is no longer valid and will be canceled automatically. 



  1. Who can place partial refund offers?
    Only freelancers have the capability to send the partial refund offer. The customer is responsible for accepting or declining the offer after a certain period of time.

  2. Where do the funds go after the refund has been processed?
    The refund will be sent to the original payment source used to process the payment.

  3. How will I receive the notification of the offer?
    Both customers and freelancers will receive an email and will receive a notification.

  4. Can the freelancer send a partial refund offer through the Fiverr app?
    Not yet, as this tool is still under development via the mobile app. 

  5. Will the service fees be refunded?
    If the service fee amount on the new price turns out to be lower than it should have been on the original price, the difference will be refunded to the customer. On the other hand, if the service fee amount on the new price turns out to be higher, the difference will not be charged.

  6. Can a partial refund be canceled?
    Once the refund has been processed, it cannot be reversed.

  7. Will the order completion rate be affected when the offer is accepted or declined?
    Whether the offer is accepted or not, this will not impact the freelancer’s statistics.

  8. How can a partial refund impact the freelancer’s service fee?
    The freelancer’s fee will be calculated based on the final price after the partial refund price point. 

  9. Are there any limits on the partial refund requests?
    Once the partial refund is accepted by the customer, more requests cannot be offered on that same order.

  10. Does a partial refund on an order affect a customer's ability to leave a review?
    Orders that have received a partial refund are regarded as completed orders. This means that the customer can post a review.


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