Consultation FAQs for clients

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  1. Where can I book a consultation?
    You can book a consultation directly on a freelancer's profile and Gig’s page. To get the process started, click Book a consultation. From the gig page, click “Contact me” to open the drop down menu to book a consultation.

  2. Will I see the available time slots in my time zone or in the freelancer's time zone?
    As a client, you'll see all available time slots displayed in your local time.

  3. Can I select a specific language for my consultation?
    Freelancers can specify the languages available for their consultations in the description.

  4. Can I request a 15, 45, or 90-minute consultation?
    To ensure maximum efficiency, all consultations are currently offered in 30 or 60 minute slots. More time slots will be available in the future. 

  5. Are consultations different from Gigs?
    Consultation orders are similar to Gig orders - cancellations, reviews, order statuses, refunds, etc., all follow the same process.

  6. Will I be obligated to purchase a Gig after my consultation even if the freelancer can’t meet my project requirements?
    No, the consultation is designed for you to discuss the freelancer's services and your project needs in detail, and to get to know each other better.

  7. Are the calls recorded and monitored for safety purposes?
    Yes, Fiverr records and monitors all calls to ensure a safe and respectful environment for both freelancers and clients.
    If you encounter any behavior that violates our Community Standards or Terms of Service, you can easily report it using the Report feature.
    Note: After your consultation, you’ll have access to the recording for a limited time through the order’s page.

    Learn more about meeting safety tips with Video calls and on Consultations for customers.

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