With subscriptions, you can plan ahead and book repeat orders with freelancers you love working with—saving you time in future orders. Working with a freelancer, who understands both your needs and brand, saves you the hassle of having to place the same order again, and having to send the same requirements every time. 

Note: The payment method that will be charged will be the default payment method at the time of purchase and may not necessarily be the original payment method used.


How Subscriptions work

Note: Subscriptions are only available in certain subcategories, and to select freelancers. 

You can work with a freelancer for up to a 6-month period. Under Choose your plan, choose the subscription period that best suits your needs. If you need more flexibility, you can also ask your freelancer to create a custom offer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

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Freelancers can offer discounts on upcoming orders when you subscribe to their Gig. You'll be able to see the discount offered in the Choose your plan section. The discount is applied from the second order onwards.



When using subscriptions, depending on the time period chosen, the same order is automatically billed from your saved payment method of choice. If you need to edit your Gig requirements, you can do so. Freelancers are able to charge you for extra requirements on the order page. 

Note: Orders are processed independently and the next order will begin regardless of the previous order's status, unless the subscription is canceled.


Subscription eligibility

Only Gigs with packages exceeding $10, and that have a maximum of 30 days delivery, are eligible for subscriptions
Exception: Voice Over Gigs may start their word count at $5.

If you would like to learn more about Gig packages, see here. 



You can cancel upcoming subscription orders prior to the order start date, however, if an order has already started, the regular cancelation terms apply. As always, you are welcome to rate your freelancer's services after each order’s completion.


Canceling your Subscription

Order page > Subscription tab > End subscription 

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  1. Who can offer Subscriptions?
    Currently, only select freelancers may offer subscriptions. To ensure that you receive a quality experience, a freelancer’s eligibility is evaluated according to pre-established criteria that are based on external and internal business metrics, alongside quality metrics. 

  2. What if my requirements differ in each order?
    You will be able to communicate any new requirements as needed from the order page. We suggest buying a base package that meets most of your needs and let your freelancer know how your requirements change per order. 

  3. What is the maximum duration for Subscriptions?
    Gigs can now be offered for up to a 6-month subscription basis.

  4. How can I order a Subscription?
    Currently, you can only order a subscription through the Gig page. You can also ask a freelancer to send you a subscriptions custom offer (which is more flexible).

  5. Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, you can cancel future orders.

  6. Can freelancers cancel subscriptions?
    Freelancers will be able to cancel future orders up to 10 days before the next order is meant to start. 

  7. How do I get a discount?
    It's up to the freelancer to decide if a discount will be offered. If a discount is offered, it will be applied to the second order. 

  8. Can I modify my order?
    Yes, you can update your requirements for each order and adjust your order as needed. Let the freelancer know how your requirements differ from the original order at the start of each order, and they will be able to charge you extra if needed. 

  9. I have a freelancer that I really like and they are not offering a subscription, what do I do?
    Currently, subscriptions are only available in certain subcategories, and to selected freelancers.

  10. Can I use milestones and subscriptions at the same time?
    No, you cannot use both the milestone tool and subscriptions simultaneously within the same order.

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