Working with agencies on Fiverr Pro

At Fiverr, we know that businesses often search for reliable, skilled, and scalable service providers for their long-term projects and ongoing outsourcing needs. Knowing the challenges in understanding the difference between freelancers and agencies, we are introducing solutions to help businesses identify and choose agencies more effectively.

What is an agency?

An agency is similar to a company that provides professional services under one entity with diverse skills and experience, offering a broad range of services and solutions. Unlike freelancers, agencies can manage multiple high-scale projects and clients simultaneously, providing the ability to scale up.

Identifying an agency
To address the issue of identifying agencies, we are implementing several tools to enhance the user experience. 

1. New agency card
We are introducing an updated agency card in our Pro listings. When a client searches or browses for a service, they will find a new agency card that leads them to the agency page. This card includes relevant information about the agency. Also, we have updated the design of the regular service card. If you want to identify an agency quickly you can search for the new "We are" prefix in the agency's name.

Agency card

Freelancer card_V2 michal.png

Gig card in the "Full Catalog"


2. Agency page
The agency page is a new page that offers detailed information about an agency, helping businesses make informed decisions. This page provides insights into the agency's employees, team, values, expertise, and past projects.

3. New entry point
New entry points for agencies through the navigation bar and category page are integrated into the search and browsing experience. These tools will assist businesses in narrowing down their options and finding agencies that align with their project requirements. This page highlights the new browsing experience and allows you to find agencies in a new way.

4. Filter
A new filter “Show agencies only” has been added to allow our clients to filter and find an agency easily. These tools will assist businesses in narrowing down their options and finding agencies that align with their project requirements. Currently, Fiverr is opening agencies to Digital Marketing and Programming and Tech categories. Other categories will be added, so please watch for updates over the next few months.

Benefits of choosing an agency

Working with an agency on Fiverr brings several advantages:

  • Access to a range of services under one entity.
  • Ability to handle large-scale projects
  • Potential for further scaling

Agency vetting process
To ensure the reliability and capability of agencies on our platform, we are implementing a thorough vetting process. This process aims to maintain the quality of services offered by agencies and foster a trustworthy environment for businesses.

Working with freelancers
The new agency tool is designed to provide another option for your projects while keeping the existing functionality for freelancers. Feel free to work with the best freelancer for your needs whether they are a freelancer or an agency.

Booking a meeting 
One of the benefits of working with an agency is the book a meeting tool. Agencies tend to work on bigger projects that often require a video meeting to align on projects. This meeting is free and we encourage you to communicate with your freelancer before the start of the project.

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