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Adding past work experiences offers freelancers a valuable opportunity to showcase their extensive experience. Fiverr Pro clients can tap into a reliable pool of top talent with this tool, enabling them to make informed decisions when selecting freelancers for their business projects.

Project success relies on matching freelancers to client needs, and vice versa. Now clients can have more trust and assurance when selecting the right talent thanks to a more comprehensive understanding of their professional journey:

  • A more credible way to choose which freelancers to work with on business projects. 
  • Foster a greater sense of trust with freelancers with a proven track record of their professional journey: work experience (CV), better insight into their skills, and recommendations from external clients.

How does it work?

  1. In your freelancer profile, click Add experience to open the work experience box on the right side. Then, copy and paste your LinkedIn URL and click "Import" to automatically add your work experience.

  1. Next, either copy and paste your LinkedIn URL, import your work experience, or click on "+ Add experience" to manually enter your work history.

  2. Your LinkedIn experience will automatically appear. Click the pencil icon to edit and complete.

  3. Click Publish and your work experience will appear on your Pro freelancer profile. You can always go back and edit it by clicking on the pencil icon.



  1. How many work experience entries can I enter?
    You can submit up to 15 entries.

  2. If I update my information on LinkedIn after importing it to Fiverr, will those changes automatically sync to my Fiverr profile?
    Not automatically. You will need to manually update or re-import your LinkedIn profile.

  3. If I import from LinkedIn, can I remove specific jobs I would not like to showcase?  (for example, any irrelevant to the services not offered through Fiverr)
    Yes, you may manually edit the content at any time.

  4. Will I need to be logged into LinkedIn to import my work experience?
    No, you do not need to be logged into LinkedIn as you can import the data through Fiverr directly.

6 Pro profile tips for building trust

  1. Establish profile credibility: Build up your profile by easily sharing the full story of your professional journey, directly on your Fiverr Pro profile.  
  2. Instantly build trust: Show clients what you can do for them by displaying past projects, and key responsibilities.
  3. Decision-making factor: Highlight your top career achievements to help clients make the ultimate decision in closing the deal with you. 
  4. Craft an impressive profile: Picture your profile as a combination of a personal landing page, highlight reel, or CV. 
  5. Build stronger connections: Focus on illustrating your experiences as solutions to client pain points - just like your resume. 
  6. Keep updating your profile: To reflect your most current skills and wins.
  7. Exclusively for Pro: Our new profile feature is available only for Pro freelancers!

Grow your business by helping clients pick the right talent, every time: Add experience.

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