Freelance network

Welcome to Fiverr Pro's freelance network, a powerful tool to efficiently manage and rehire freelancers and agencies you've worked with in the past. This guide walks you through the high-level overview, key benefits, detailed functionalities, and answers to frequently asked questions.

How it works

  • Centralization: Access and organize freelancers or agencies you've hired, saved, or viewed all in one place
  • Organized list: Categorize freelancers using Lists for efficient management. It serves as a location where you and your team can collaboratively create a shortlist of freelancers
  • Team Insights: View your teams' insights on each freelancer, including reviews and orders

Key benefits

  • Increased efficiency: Easily access and maintain a network of freelancers for future projects
  • Cross-team transparency: Gain insights into your company's hires, projects, and collaborations
  • Reduce time-to-hire: Quickly find and hire trusted freelancers with a proven track record 

Accessing your freelance network 

To access the Freelance network, go to either:

  • The Dashboard, under "Freelance network"
  • Your avatar drop-down menu and select the appropriate options

Page Overview


  • The page features a left navigation panel that controls the content displayed
  • This panel includes two sections:

    • Based on your activity:
      • All hires: Displays freelancers previously hired by the organization
      • Recently viewed: Displays freelancers/services you've recently viewed

    • Your lists: Displays all lists you have access to. Here you will have two types of lists:
      • Shareable lists: Visible and editable by everyone on the account
      • Private lists: Visible only to the creator

Getting team insights

The All hires tab is where you can see your team’s freelancer collaborations.

Each card provides a quick glance into understanding the collaboration of a freelancer with your organization and the members who hired them, the number of orders, provided services, reviews, and more. 

You can efficiently and seamlessly re-hire the freelancer of your choice by pressing the 'Contact' button.

Filtering options allowing you to narrow down the hires’ list:

  • Hired more than once: view the freelancers who have worked with the team in more than one order
  • Provided service: view the freelancers that provided selected services in at least one of the orders
  • Hired by: view the freelancers that were hired by the selected account member

For in-depth information and access to previous work - Clicking on a freelancer’s card will open the Activity panel on the right side:

  • Collaboration summary: Get a deeper look at their work
  • Reviews: Read feedback from your team (including the "view all" option)
  • Activity timeline: View the orders the freelancer has worked on and click on the delivered work files to preview or download them
  • Contact: Connect instantly by sending a direct message to the freelancer

Use lists to collaborate on potential hires with your team

Small intro - lists are part of the freelance network page. It's there to allow teams to collaborate on potential hires they saved when exploring the catalog.

How to create lists

  1. Click the + icon.
  2. Add a list name.
  3. Select whether it’s a private list (just me) or a shared list (the entire account).

How to save freelancers to lists 

Click the heart icon and choose an existing list or create a new one with the "+" icon.
For example:

  • From the Pro-catalog listings: Click the heart icon under the freelancer's card and choose an existing list or create a new one with the "+" icon
  • From the Full catalog: Click the heart icon in the top-right corner of the service and select a list or create a new one

How to access lists

From the header - You can access a specific list from the dropdown by selecting the heart icon.

Within the freelance network page - move between lists by clicking on another list name from the left side panel to see all saved freelancers, including your team’s saved lists.

Managing lists

  • Edit list
    • Rename your lists as needed
    • Add description: Provide more context for each list
    • Set as private: Restrict access to you only
  • Delete list: Remove unnecessary lists


  1. Will all hires be automatically added to the freelance network?
    Yes, every freelancer or agency will be shown in “All hires” from the first order created. This may take approximately 15-30 minutes to appear.

  2. In the activity panel, can an account member view the orders that were created by other members?
    Yes, members can view orders they didn’t create, according to the project permissions. Members can use the Projects page to join public projects or ask their account admin to add them to private projects to see additional orders.

  3. Where can I view my private lists?
    Your private lists are located on your Freelancer network page on the left side under ‘Your lists’. Private lists will appear with a “lock” icon so you can differentiate them from your shareable lists.

  4. How is the average price for each freelancer calculated?
    The average is calculated based on the USD value of each order at the time of creation. The average is presented in the account member’s selected currency.

Explore the freelance network to enhance your freelancing experience on Fiverr Pro. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support specialists. Happy freelancing!

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