Freelancer briefing

A path to project success begins with a clear brief. A carefully crafted brief serves as the compass, defining the scope, objectives, deliverables, budget, and timeline for your collaboration. This essential document lays the foundation for seamless communication, aligning both freelancer and client towards a shared vision. With every crucial detail captured, the freelancer is empowered with the knowledge necessary to navigate the project's course and deliver impactful results that meet, and even exceed expectations.

With this intelligent tool, Fiverr Pro clients can develop a brief instantly and receive personalized recommendations with AI to match with exceptional freelance talent and take their projects to the next level. Clients can also reuse previous briefs with multiple freelancers to boost efficiency.


  • Instant brief creation: Input your high-level project needs, and let the system complete and organize your brief in seconds.
  • Personalized recommendations: Incorporate additional details based on the freelancer's past client experiences.
  • Brief repurposing: Reuse the same brief as well as your account member’s briefs across multiple freelancers directly from the Inbox.

How it works

  1. Click on Create a professional brief.

    freelancer briefing. step 1.png

  2. Describe your needs. This should include a summary of your project such as an overview, goals, budget, timeline, and other helpful details. Then, click on Generate your brief.

  3. Your brief will be created according to the details you’ve submitted. From this point, you also have the ability to hover over each section of your brief to add the system suggestions or edit the brief as needed. Click on Send.

  4. Save time, reuse existing briefs! Pick from your or your teams’ last and saved briefs to quickly share project details with new freelancers.


  1. Can my team view my briefs?
    Yes, you and your team are able to view any existing or past briefs.

  2. Can I delete a brief?
    Yes, you can delete any brief by clicking on the "Trash" icon in the lower right corner of the brief.


  3. How can I access my briefs?
    Previously created briefs can be accessed by clicking the "Contact me" button and then clicking "Create a brief" on the message window. Please note, that briefs may only be created for freelancers in Programming & Tech, Digital Marketing, Graphics & Design, or Video Production.

  4. When reusing a brief, will the briefs appear in all categories?
    Yes, all briefs that were previously created will appear in each category. To view the previous briefs, you can click on ‘Create a professional brief’.

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