Fiverr Pro freelancer new releases

Introducing our latest product releases, designed to elevate your experience and meet your evolving needs.


Fiverr's new level system

Our enhanced level system empowers you with transparent metrics showing exactly what drives your progress. As you gain more experience on the platform and advance to higher levels, you'll access new benefits and tools to help you succeed, guiding you towards continuous improvement and unlocking your full potential on Fiverr. 


Fiverr agencies

An agency is a company that employs a team of professionals with diverse skills and experience, offering a broad range of services and solutions. Agencies can manage multiple high-scale projects and clients simultaneously, providing the ability to scale up.


Fiverr agencies - onboarding requirements

Please take a moment to read the requirements and make sure your agency profile complies. After you finish the onboarding, our team will review your profile before giving the final approval to become an agency.


Client recommendations

Fiverr Pro freelancers can now showcase recommendations from external clients directly on their profiles. This new tool allows clients who haven't used Fiverr to leave reviews, helping potential customers get a more comprehensive picture of the freelancer's skills and experience.


Fiverr Pro community

The Fiverr Pro Community is specifically for our top freelancers. This community serves as a central hub for networking, professional growth, and accessing a wealth of resources tailored to enhance your freelance career. Here, you'll find everything from personal introductions and networking opportunities and get a dose of motivation from freelancer success stories. The community also offers direct access to premium webinars, the latest announcements, and unique business growth strategies, including expert insights from industry leaders.


Freelancer work experience

Adding your past work experience offers freelancers a valuable opportunity to showcase their extensive experience. Pro customers can tap into a reliable pool of top talent with this tool, enabling them to make informed decisions when selecting freelancers for their business projects.


Fiverr enterprise

Welcome to Fiverr Enterprise, a freelance management system that provides unique opportunities for freelancers. This guide aims to familiarize you with Fiverr Enterprise and how to optimize your profile for these opportunities.


Freelance network

Welcome to Fiverr Pro's Freelance network, a powerful tool to efficiently manage and rehire freelancers and agencies you've worked with in the past. This guide walks you through the high-level overview, key benefits, detailed functionalities, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Fiverr Pro customer protection for freelancers

At Fiverr Pro, we trust our freelancers’ ability to deliver excellent work and prioritize clients’ satisfaction. This offer is designed to provide a safety net for both you and the client and emphasize our commitment to your success on Fiverr Pro.


Paid video consultations

The Paid video consultations tool will allow eligible freelancers to offer clients the option to schedule and book consultations.


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