FAQs: Professions and Hourly

1. What is the difference between hourly rates and the new professions catalog?
Hourly rates offer flexibility in how you get paid, while the profession's listing and catalog allows you to highlight your professional skills for clients seeking experts for larger projects. Currently, professions will only be relevant for the general marketplace, and not the Pro marketplace.


2. If I have set an hourly rate, will it be visible in the professions catalog? 

Currently, hourly rates are only visible to Pro clients on the Fiverr Pro marketplace. However, when creating a custom offer for your client, you will be able to offer an hourly rate, once the profession-based catalog is released towards the end of July.


3. Are all my fields of expertise eligible for the professions catalog? 

All professions and skills featured in the professions catalog are aligned with service areas in the Gig catalog. If you are a Pro freelancer in one of these areas, you will be eligible to create a corresponding profession.


4. Will I need to be re-vetted for the professions catalog?

No, additional vetting or checks are not required. We trust you as a Pro freelancer.


5. Will Pro clients be able to find me on the professions catalog?

No, Pro clients will find you on the Fiverr Pro marketplace, where we showcase you to significant business clients and provide the best tools for conducting business. 


6. Will my Pro badge be visible on the professions catalog?
Yes, if you are approved as a Pro freelancer in a category covered by the professions catalog, your Pro badge will be visible.

7. When can I expect to start receiving orders based on my profession?
You can expect to start receiving orders towards the end of July. This is when the new profession-based catalog will be rolled out, allowing clients to access profession-specific listings. We will provide more information as the launch date approaches.

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